The means of ferrying students to & fro timely and safely is one of the corner- stones of any school with students coming in to receive Education from various nearby villages. We offer bus services with well-mapped route . The school authorities take utmost care to ensure that the safety of the commuters and therefore a mandatory helper –conductor assists the Bus Driver. As per the guidelines set by the CBSE we have buses installed with grilled windows, fire extinguisher Speed Governors and most essentially Drivers with good experience and License. 

Jamyang School , does not have fleet of buses as many other private schools but we somehow manage to cater to the existing number of students presently but going forward with growing population of students, we  surely need to add numbers to more bus facilities

Transportation Facilities
S.No Name of Village
1 Khaltsi
2 Lamayuru
3 Domkhar
4 Takmachik
5 Skurbuchan
6 Wanla
7 Nurla