About The Hostel

The foundation stone of the Riglam hostel was laid in the year 2010’ and by the end 2014 ' it was inaugurated by H.Holiness the Dalai Lamaji and in 2016’ it stood blessed, tall and ready to house shelter & support the students that had come to seek the indispensible quality Education from their village to town .These students that come to Riglam school and simultaneously get facilitated with the hostel facility are children with deserving backgrounds from far flung regions of Ladakh and are majorly orphans ,semi-orphan ,destitute or children from broken families.
LBA ,the supporting body has devised a multi-tiered selection process of the students ,beginning at the Village Head level itself ( Numberdar) to ensure that the most genuine and deserving category of children mentioned above are provided the seats. The onus of the entire process of case authentication is borne by the Education Committee and the Hostel Management hand in hand. There is a set quota /no.of seats under each category of Criterions for the intake of the needy students. The hostel has a fine capacity to house 60 students Max and currently we support 44 of them. ... Riglam hostel has become a home away from home for all the students who have come to us over these 8 years! The students are provided a safe,clean and a friendly environment to spend their school life hassle free in a hostel . We serve simple and healthy meals that are dominated by local cuisine. The hostel is divided into two blocks and each caters to the two different genders. The hostel has a team of staff assigned with different responsibilities and all of them function under the Supervision of the Warden . A hostel Superintendent takes up all the responsibility in the warden’s absence. For the day to day care of the students we have House –mothers that take hands-on care of the children of their wings. The students life at the hostel is similar to school and so well- structured under a set Time table and they bring in a host of extra- curriculum skill building activities: multi-lingual debates ,Quizzical competitions ,Prep time, dance & Art Competition and most loved games ! The Riglam Institute stresses on the spiritual growth of the child too. Thus in this direction we have morning & evening prayers and stress is laid on Yoga & meditation...

Roles & Responsibilities

Apart from overseeing the nitty-gritty’s of a hostel running the management plays an instrumental role in the planning, budgeting, facilitating and resourcing of the set-up. It is the body under whose supervision the selection of the students takes place in collaboration with the school management and LBA Education Committee. A Parent body of 5 members from different corners of the region is also in existence and this body is the conduit between the parents and the hostel body. Meeting with the same are held thrice in a year and sometimes more based on the requirement. This current body of hostel management has been in function since 2021’ and comprises of a Chairperson and members. Notable as it may seem all the members of this body are social volunteers and offer their service in the interest of the students and community with utmost verve and commitment.


  •  Spacious Compound
  • Solar insulated Rooms
  • Separate wash facility
  • Laundry
  • Eco-friendly local Dry Pit + Western Toilets
  • Surveillance and Supervision
  • Well trained Warden & Staff
  • Reputed & hands-on Management
  • Perfect Routine of curriculum & recreation.
  • First Aid & Medical facilities
  • Healthy meals including traditional local food.
  • WIFI facility
  • Yoga & meditation practices
  • Regular Tuppers & Outings
  • All student's sponsored B'day celebrations
  • Prep & Recreational Spaces
  • Teacher guided evening study session.

Admission & Fee Structure

Hostel admission opens at the end of each Academic session in the month of November every year.  Students granted the admission join the hostel in the month of March after two long months of winter holidays. As mentioned in the management segment these admissions are held at the management level in close consultation with the school Principal. The hostel holds a capacity of 60 students and the intake of students are dependent on certain fixed quota apart from the general seats. Each of these quotas dictates a child of special Case of need & background eg: Orphan, semi orphan, broken families & others. All cases of free/sponsored admissions are re-viewed annually in the month of November by the Management and school collectively.

Hostel Fee Structure 

One time Admission Fee…… 7000/Rs ( 4000/Rs refundable) 

Monthly Fee…………3000/Rs (three thousand only) 

Annual Amount…….30,000 ( thirty thousand only)

The hostel fee is collected either one time or in 3 installments for the following months:

[March April May]  [June July August] [Sep Oct Nov ]


Management & Hostel Staff


Name Designation
1. Ms. Stanzin Kunzang,Chottness Chairlady Riglam Hostel
2. Mr. Tsewang Dorjey Convener
3. Ms Eshey Lanzes Member
4 Mr Chemet Dorjey Member
5 Mr Gelek Phunchok Member
6 Mr Mepham Gyalson Member
7 Mr. Jigmet Rafstan Youth Wing member

Hostel Management Staff

Name Designation
Tashi Dolker Mother
Stanzin Nychet Mother
Tsewang Tamchos Cook
Konchok Sherap Superintendent
Tsering Dolma Warden
Kunzang Dolma Asst.cook